The African Migration and Development Policy Centre (AMADPOC) was established in 2008 as the pioneer institution in the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) that conducts and streamlines policy-oriented research, training and capacity building and policy dialogue on various forms of migration and their interrelationship with the development within sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries. The activities focus on the migration-development nexus within SSA countries’ relations with the North and the rest of the South. AMADPOC is a leading non-profit making institution that focuses on voluntary, forced and irregular migration.


To spearhead research on issues of migration-development nexus, boosting the capacity of African countries and development partners in the corridors of national governments, inter-governmental cooperation and research institutions, collaborating with national governments, regional economic communities (RECs), the private sector, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the civil society.


Recognition of the role and interplay of both migration and development policies; inter-ethnic relations and other spheres of national and international development, intra-regional harmony and interdependence within a globalising world in which diversity requires viable South-North and South-South partnership.